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A brand: Infinite solutions

CENTROTUBI is a dynamic company that selects and distributes products and technologies for the construction of drinking and irrigation water supply lines, gas and district heating, waste water and purifiers. Through agreements with the most important European companies in the sector, which distributes exclusively, it offers a fair compromise between the quotations offered and a high quality level, in order to create works that can last over time for the satisfaction of customers, clients and the community.

Given the history and the acquired experience CENTROTUBI guarantees the management of the supplies in the most complex orders, thanks to an adequate supply of the warehouse and with an available service we solve every emergency of the plant maintenance, avoiding the construction site stops and continuing the public service to the community . Our values are: honesty, moral integrity, innovation, growth, optimism.


  • DYNAMISM It allows us to make high quality materials available directly on site with unequaled conditions. Offering a level of service and commitment that meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. Our relentless pursuit of quality and excellence is rooted in our culture and methodology.
  • EXPERIENCE The years of experience gained in the field project us to markets not only in the territory but also in Northern Italy and abroad, making deliveries everywhere. Our background allows us to manage, even on behalf of the customer, logistics, shipping, customs clearance, feasibility advice, order screening, assistance on international regulations and the production of all the necessary documentation in operations of import-export, both in the estimate phase and in the construction site.
  • ASSISTANCE With our technical training we aim to find and suggest the right solution to the problems that every work can present to support designers regardless of mere commercial logic. We also provide tables for comparison, price analysis of materials, regulatory updates and as much as necessary for an in-depth evaluation of each single component of the work.
  • VALUE  Our business model is built around the service, which we believe differentiates us from all others; today our customers require timely deliveries and adequate documentation, prompt and accurate answers to their questions, clear contracts and requests for information, high-level products, with full compliance with their specifications. They are looking for a customer service team that works every day to achieve these goals and know that supporting this creates enormous value and goodwill with all our customers.
  • SERVICE  We support our customers in the calibration and repair of electro-fusion and head-head welding machines through an on-site service center. Here we give the possibility of renting, revising and repairing equipment. We deliver the ordered materials to the site and support the search for leaks in the pipeline. We collaborate with our partners for the realization of cathodic protection systems or for the realization of special pieces.
  • TRAINING In order not to rest in mediocrity and continue to grow we organize courses for the qualification of welders of pipes and fittings in polyethylene or steel and training courses on the use of Ravetti machines.




CENTROTUBI was founded by Riccardo Fustinoni in 1996, on the basis of a great enthusiasm given by the experience gained in the first years as a commercial agent with his father Carlo.

In those years he had the vision to involve new commercial partners in the creation of a distribution center where he could find a range of products indispensable for the construction of networks and all the underground services so as to avoid construction site stops and thus buffer the errors of planning of supplies.

Its goal was to support the customers of central Italy, and then gradually become global, ensuring a high level of service, quality and commitment to be able to differentiate from all other Italian distributors.

From this point on, he worked evenings and weekends, in the compilation of the business plan with the objective of creating a successful team in a reality in step with the times and with a strong technical preparation for use and consumption of customers.

In 2013 the company moved to the commercial area of Sambuceto in an important commercial crossroads, easily reachable from any direction and by any means. It can count in a new large shed where there is a varied selection of products, an external storage area of 12,000 square meters with large maneuvering spaces and staff offices on site.


Our vision is not to be a simple supplier but a respected partner who knows how to interpret and forecast business needs, always having the right answer in his or her baggage. CENTROTUBI aspires to be recognized, to offer quality products through its incessant commitment to continuous quality, attention to the customer and alignment with the dynamics of the global market.

We will use an innovative logistic distribution system selecting the products in the global market and making them immediately available online for a direct acquisition of the customer without further commercial transactions.




These will be the three simple steps to speed up the purchase of materials in safety





The Company believes that long-term success depends on the ability to meet contractual requirements and customer needs. To achieve this goal, it establishes and maintains an Integrated Management System compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001 standards, included in the management system of its organization.


Centro Tubi Srl has established the following objectives:

• search for customer satisfaction;

• continuous adaptation of company capabilities to market needs;

• enhancement of human resources;

• reduction of errors and deficiencies;

• respect for deadlines;

• compliance with the requirements relating to the environment, safety and health at work;

• pursue continuous improvement in the area of ​​quality and the environment

• prevention of injuries / accidents / injuries;

• risk reduction.


To achieve the aforementioned objectives, Centro Tubi Srl undertakes to:

- Support and motivate all human resources in the implementation of the integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety;

- Periodically monitor the present and future needs and expectations of all interested parties, planning company activities in order to ensure the constant satisfaction of these needs and expectations;

- Maintain an Integrated Management System aimed at continuous improvement, consistently with the set objectives;

- Define its own environmental and quality objectives;

- Establish and review against the macro-objectives expressed, defined and measurable objectives for all company levels, aimed at the application of improvement actions and managed through improvement plans drawn up annually;

- Train and raise awareness of personnel to ensure that these objectives are taken on board and an adequate degree of involvement in operational decisions and in the improvement of processes;

- Make its Company Policy available and disseminate to all interested parties;

- Encourage the development of awareness of the contribution that each employee can make with respect to the development of the integrated management system;

- Periodically review, on the occasion of the management review, this policy to ascertain its continued suitability.